Time to Hit the Gym!

Very pleased to learn from the Government today that I am better off! I wish they had told me sooner. 🙂 I am sure there a quite a lot of people as well as me that failed to notice this.


Anyway….There was a time when I was super fit, not so long ago! I was at the gym three times a week, did yoga at home four times a week for an hour, went to aikido every week and walked the dog most days.

However, having a full time job and working shifts whist being a single parent has put paid to all that. It’s not a good enough excuse to do so little though! I managed a bike ride at the weekend and a big yoga session on Monday but I haven’t hit the gym for two weeks.

I feel better mentally as well as physically when I exercise regularly. I look at people my age who are puffed out walking up the stairs and can’t touch their toes and I don’t want to be like them. I owe it to myself to be as fit and healthy as I can and hopefully be here for another half century! I really don’t believe that getting older means you have to give in to getting stiff and fat and inactive.

So, next week I will be getting back on track, and watching the carbs too as I could do with losing a few pounds gained this winter.

I use a very cheap gym at a local independent school, but there is also an ever cheaper one that is part of a chain . I did try that but it was rather packed at peak times when I generally need to use it.

For a while I gave it up all together because I was too worried about my budget, but I decided that it was worth the expense and I will continue whilst I can. There are lots of ways to exercise for free though, so if I couldn’t afford the gym I would do more cycling and get out walking. I use www.mapmywalk.com, which maps your route, pace, calories burned, etc, and is a great source of inspiration. You can even show off by sharing your progress on Facebook! I have a friend who lost 3 and a half stone just walking every day and cutting down on the carbs.

So…off to do some yoga! 🙂