Time Management?

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to find enough time in my life to do all the things I need to do, spend quality time with my loved ones, give myself some time for the gym or yoga and still get enough sleep! I frequently feel like a hamster on a wheel, running to catch up with myself. This despite me being quite an organised person and pretty good at time management – I am Queen of the list!

As you can tell, after a week back at work, my holiday feeling is all but gone. I am trying to work out how to get all the cleaning done in preparation for our latest student and do the shopping  whilst still meeting the girls from work later and going out for the day with the family tomorrow for my birthday. What I tend to do is forego the fun stuff for the chores but not this time. Life can get very dull if you let it.

Hang on to that holiday feeling!!

Hang on to that holiday feeling!!

So I have enlisted the help of my two lazy daughters to do some cleaning and I will get to Aldi early tomorrow before it gets busy. And I will let them make me a birthday dinner 🙂

Does anyone else struggle to get everything done? Any tips on saving time?


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  1. AuntLeesie

    Several years ago, I was overwhelmed by too much on my plate. I did it to myself, really. Then (for sanity’s sake), I made some initially unpopular changes. My sons were in high school and college and both living at home. They took over washing their own laundry, pitching in more with chores, and even learning to cook while both going to school and working part time jobs. Why? Because it was important for them to learn to do these things for themselves. I had to let go of guilt. I also had to lower my standards a little. It didn’t all have to be “perfect”. I’ve also taught them how to shop for the best bargains, and send them (with money) for quick grocery runs sometimes.

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      Good work! I think I also am to blame as I take on too much and don’t let people help me enough. I have lowered my standards however. My house is clean but rarely spotless, I only iron absolute essentials – when I do the cleaning I do the best I can in the limited time I have and it has to be good enough. I would rather be in the garden, to be honest!


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