Tightening the belt even harder!

I will have a 22 inch waist by the time I have finished tightening my belt!

I couldn’t post yesterday because the electrics gave up. We managed to get the lights to work, but anything else caused the whole system to trip. So I have spent most of the day with the emergency electrician, and I am now £125 lighter. It could have been worse – we could have sat in the dark all night, but it was quite cold since the gas central heating system is controlled by electrics….

I quite enjoyed the quiet though – no TV, no radio, no noise from my daughter’s laptop – she tried to play a DVD on her laptop as we had no internet but it soon ran out of juice.

The electrician confirmed what I already knew though – Mr Bodger the Totally Incapable has been at work on the electrics and they need some repair. The lights and plug sockets in my daughter’s very cold downstairs bedroom (converted badly from the old coal hole and outside loo) no longer work at all so she will have to move upstairs to the room of darling daughter no two, currently away at uni.

So bang goes any opportunity to rent this room out (it is currently advertised on the Five Nights a week website) and I will have to save some money to get the work on the electrics done in the New Year.

I can’t feel defeated. I will have to spend nothing  unless it is absolutely essential, and keep the food bill to the absolute minimum. I have a new yoga class starting in the New Year and I will have to find more ways to make some extra money. I am off to list a few bits on Ebay right now!

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