This week I will mainly be eating…purple food!

I am still eating from the larder and freezer and they are looking a bit sparse now. As I have a French student arriving for a week tomorrow now is the time to do a proper shop I think. They might not want too much in the way of lentil bolognese and vegetable curry! I will do a week’s eating plan tonight with my shopping list and be first in Aldi in the morning, before the hoards arrive.

I found quite a few blackcurrants and blackberries lurking in the freezer from last summer’s harvest. This is great timing as last night I watched How to Stay Young  on BBC2 which featured a bunch of very old but extremely healthy Japanese pensioners, with very low levels of heart disease and vascular dementia. The research suggests that they are protected from these health problems because they eat a type of purple sweet potato every day. These contain  high levels of a nutrient called anthocyanin. We can’t easily get hold of these purple sweet potatoes but we can eat other purple foods that contain it. So blackcurrants and blackberries are good, along with blueberries, red cabbage and aubergines. I had a large handful of blackcurrants on my porridge today! I also had purple sprouting broccoli with last night’s dinner. 

I think the link between nutrition and physical and mental well being is so obvious I can’t understand why we, as a general populace, continue to eat so badly. I guess it is ignorance but there is plenty of good information and advice out there if you look for it.

I don’t think it costs more to eat well either – fruit and veg are cheaper than meat and ready made processed dinners! It’s all about education – I wish schools would take this more seriously and go back to proper cookery lessons with a focus on nutrition as well.

Anyway, rant over! My student maybe eating quite a bit of red cabbage with their meat this week…

2 thoughts on “This week I will mainly be eating…purple food!

  1. I love reading your blog – I couldn’t get over the fact that you had a student aged 12 not 16. However, I’m sure she will have a happy time with you, but I note your concern about her having to get around by herself.
    We are both retired now, and are thrifty, I love my library card, I often look at new books in a book store and then request them through the library. I also love thrift stores! I always read your blog, I’m in Canada.

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