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DD3 is fond of Heinz tomato soup. She prefers this to my home made (cheek!). However it is expensive I think. I tried the Lidl version this week and it is pretty good, I am having it for lunch. 39p! Bargain. Let’s hope she enjoys it.

I really don’t read enough these days. I rarely seem to have time to get involved in a meaty novel so usually read non-fiction. However, I do love Kate Atkinson books and have read them all. I was pleased to find her latest, A God in Ruins, in our Children in Need book sale last week. I hope it is good. 

Still no luck with finding a tenant for the room. I have dropped the price a bit to try to tempt a few more people round. I suppose it’s not the best time of year to move. I have also put it on Room Buddies as well as Spare Room. I hope I find someone or it will be back to the language students.  I might even put a card up in my local Co-op.

Fingers crossed I find someone soon!

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Oh, what a shame that Someone only likes Heinz and not home-made, which is infinitely superior! I love making tomato & courgette soup, it’s really delicious (even though I say so myself!)
    I have only read one Kate Atkinson, the first one she wrote Behind the Scenes at the Museum, which was a great read. Current reading is Judith Lennox’s Catching the Tide and Elizabeth Buchan’s The New Mrs Clifton (both excellent.) And in the TBR pile, the latest in the series by Jane Thynne, Solitaire, about a half English/half German actress in Berlin in the immediate pre-war years, a wonderful series and very well researched and written.
    Margaret Powling

  2. I was so pleased when a small Aldi opened nearby, as it finally gave our area an alternative to Sainsburys, which, apart from Iceland, is really the only supermarket round here if you don’t drive.
    Unfortunately after several months, various family members have turned their noses up at all the jars and tinned items I’ve bought there. So all I buy now are vegetables, bread, dairy/sliced meats, biscuits and baked beans!
    Ah well, any savings are better than none! Maybe we’ll have more success when the new Asda opens next door, as the plans for a Lidl seem to have stalled after the demolition of the building in the proposed space last year! :/

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