The working worried 

I heard on the news yesterday that 19% of British workers admit to losing sleep over money worries. I know how this feels -that gnawing anxiety that there are bills to be paid but there isn’t enough money coming in. The report said that the 18-24 year old age group were worrying the most. Having three daughters in that age category I totally understand. It’s hard to get a job that pays enough to afford a rented box to live in, let alone save any money for a contingency fund or to get a foot on the housing ladder. And the report was only talking about working people. Lord knows how anxious it makes people when they are unemployed.  It’s tough out there!

It helps me to know I can stay in control if I make a big effort and I am disciplined but sometimes it wears me down and I get anxious too. 

We are still eating mainly what we have in the larder. I wanted to use some of the paella rice so I used a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Save With Jamie. It was supposed to be chicken and chorizo with prawns but I made it more frugal by cutting out the chicken and using pepperoni instead of chorizo as I had some leftover from the chicken tray bake I made the other day. 

Jamie’s recipe is here.

We have snow predicted for the next couple of days in the east of England. I hope it doesn’t arrive! Last time we had snow it took two hours to do the half hour journey to work. 

I hope you are keeping warm wherever you are and not losing sleep over money. 

6 thoughts on “The working worried 

  1. I’ve lost sleep a lot in the past due to money worries. I have learned the hard way unfortunately. We are OK now but the memories never go away. I think the worst was our dealings with a car finance company – a terrible one which is no longer in business. That car was the only one we’ve ever had on finance – never again! I successfully fought another debt company and won – or rather it got to the point of going to court and they dropped their claim. These people aren’t as clever as they like to think they are.

  2. Yes, its hard times for many people and money worries are constant. I often think of past relatives who had beautiful homes, worked really hard but earned very little. They are an inspiration too me. I am now on half the salary due to redundancy. I,’ll get through. A cup of tea, a malted milk biscuit and Mozart will help. And remember he died skint.

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