The wonder of water and how it saves me money

I have been taking some tips from Ilona over on Life After Money and started diluting stuff to make it last. Because I am lactose intolerant I buy Lactofree milk. This can be expensive – usually around £1.35 a litre, but I have seen it for as much as £1.50! Last night it was on offer at my local Sainsbury’s for £1 so I stocked up. I will make this last by diluting it in everything except tea and coffee. I drank a perfectly nice cup of ovaltine before bed last night made with 50-50 milk and water and the same this morning on my cereal. I put a little water in the orange juice as well. Not too much – I don’t mind it weak but everyone else complains.

I would drink soya milk as it is cheaper but I can’t stand the stuff!

I stopped buying handwash a while back and we now have good, old fashioned soap in bars. However, the last  few bottles of handwash lasted quite a long time in diluted form 😀. I do the same with washing up liquid since everyone always squirts too much in anyway.

I add water to shampoo and sometimes a small amount to conditioner too. I don’t think anyone has noticed! I stopped buying shower gel and bubble bath when I switched back to soap or I would dilute those as well :-).

I encourage everyone at home to drink water instead of squash or juice anyway as it is better for you and almost free.

Talking of Ilona, I read on her blog that she will soon be on Shed of the Year on TV. I love this programme and look forward to seeing if she wins. If you haven’t seen her awesome summer house have a look here. It starts next Friday, 29th July, 8 pm on Channel 4.

I popped into the Co-op last night 15 minutes before they closed to see if there were any good reductions. There was a lot: I got yogurts, ham, some mince and diced turkey. Most of it will freeze but the yogurts and some of the ham will come in handy for the student’s lunches over the next coupe of days. I have to provide two rounds of sandwiches, fruit, crisps, a cake or yogurt and a drink each day.

He is proving no problem to feed. Tonight we had macaroni cheese, bread and leftover salad and again he ate it all with enthusiasm. He tells me that in France families still tend to sit together to eat, always have a proper meal rather than microwave rubbish and drink water rather than pop. I love this and it was how we approached meal times when the girls were younger. I think many British families have given this up in favour of the TV dinner. Shame.

However, our student even prefers water to a nice cup of tea. That’s a step too far for me 😀.

4 thoughts on “The wonder of water and how it saves me money

  1. I use Pears soap. I don,t believe in this cleanse, tone and moisturizer rubbish, its all a marketing ploy. I managed to get two bars for .70 pence. It really doesn’t, dry your skin out.

    Good tips on water. I really don,t know why people buy bottled water I. This country when the stuff out of the tap is fresher and already paid for on water rates.
    I love mean queen too. Lots of sensible advice. Have a good day.

  2. I think all sitting together at the table to eat is how it should be! A chance at least once a day to get together and chat. I noticed on tv this week “Eat Well For Less” (a lot less in our house!) that when the kids sat down to eat at the table they struggled to use their cutlery properly – even they were old enough to! I got the feeling that eating at the table wasn’t the norm in their family. I’m an avid reader of Ilona’s blog too – love it.

  3. Judging by what I see living in France a huge amount of bought ready prepared meals are used washed down with copious quantities of fizzy drinks. They might drink water but many French will not drink tap water.
    On the other hand what your student says is probably true in many families.

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