The Waiting Game

Yesterday was the longest day! We were initially told dad would be going to theatre at 10. My sister went to sit with him until then and was advised to come back at three, which she duly did. He didn’t appear and the nurses seemed unable or unwilling to find anything out so she waited and waited. At 5.30 the hospital called mum at home at my dad’s request to say he was fine and in recovery, so she waited again thinking he would be back any moment. My other sister joined her after work and they waited and waited….we were all on tenterhooks wondering what on earth was going on, when he finally arrived back at his bed at 8 pm!

It seems he hadn’t had his op until the afternoon in the end,  although why no one could tell the family this is beyond me. We wouldn’t have known anything at all if dad hadn’t made the nurse ring mum. Let’s hope their medical skills are better than their communication skills anyway. 

I did an hour’s yoga and drank a large G&T as my own form of recovery. It is stressful this hospital lark and I wasn’t even there!

We are off to see him after work today so hope to see him rallying. Have a good day. 

8 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. wishing all is well with your father…please know this is completely normal for surgery cases in most hospitals…most cases run over so if you’re not the first one of the day (which often starts late) each case gets later and later…especially with vascular cases like your dads…

    there is just no excuse for not keeping you updated…

  2. Why you were given a time for surgery I don,t know. We never ever do more mum/dad etc is on the morning list but this may run on till early afternoon, we will phone you when they leave the ward and return, you are welcome to stay but be prepared may be a long day is the mantra. Cuts stress of why are they not in theatre did something happen scenario.
    Theatre is unpredictable, cases can run over by hours if a surgeon finds something unexpected.
    Hope your dad has a speedy recovery.x

  3. Although there seems to be a lamentable lack of communication I’m sure the overwhelming feeling is of relief.
    It’s wonderful that your dad thought of your mum so soon after his op.
    Hopefully he will receive the best of care. I’m optimistic that with his smile he will!
    Thanks for letting us know so quickly. Sue

  4. Hope your mum and dad are soon reunited and both well on the road to a good recovery. All the best, Vicki

  5. I suppose you’re lucky it wasn’t cancelled last minute! Mine have had that too!

    Glad he’s on the mend and hopefully his recovery will be full and speedy. xxx

    • They had already cancelled it once. I would have been very annoyed if that happened again…

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