The Power of Flowers

rockliffe avenueI watched the Great British Garden Revival the other evening (BBC 2 Monday 7pm) which I thought was a great programme with a welcome slant on conservation. We gardening folk are the guardians of nature!

The programme featured a street in Whitley Bay called Rockcliffe Avenue, which is home to a beautiful display of flowers and plants along its footpath, courtesy of the residents, who wanted to make their street a brighter place. You may have seen it featured on the national news last summer, when officious council officers demanded the plants be removed due to health and safety regulations.

Fortunately, common sense won through after more than two thousand people, including the mayor, signed a petition urging the Council to allow the plants to stay.

I thought this was a heartening illustration of a community coming together to make their little bit of the world a better place. Residents who were interviewed during the programme said that as well as looking beautiful, the shared interest in the plants and gardening had brought the neighbours together, discouraged kids from hanging around causing mischief and stopped people dropping litter.

Nature is a powerful force for good. Living in beautiful places surrounded by plants and wildlife is great for the soul. I can’t wait for the Spring, so that I can spend more time in my own little piece of paradise. I will put more effort into my front garden after watching this programme and give the neighbours a treat too 🙂