The morning after the night before…

So….woke up with a headache after my lovely evening getting fed beautiful and amazing food at my friend’s house and guzzling rather a lot of Christmas cheer! I stopped at 4 glasses as I am a serious lightweight.

The food was more or less gluten and dairy free. She made delicious looking blinis with tzatiki for starter so I was good and avoided those and instead got stuck into the olives and nuts.

Dinner was smoky chicken with chorizo and butter beans – very spanish inspired. This reminded me that I love butter beans so they can go back on the store cupboard shopping list. They took on lots of the chorizo and tomato flavours and were very filling. I will be making this dish once I prise the recipe out of her. Pudding was red fruit compote with piles of meringue, then just when I thought I couldn’t possibly squeeze in another thing she brought out this:

imageNot dairy free! But who could resist such a beautifully presented plate of cheeses with a fig, grapes, baby tomatoes and home made chutney? Not me…I can eat hard cheeses with no issues but Brie … Well I couldn’t refuse it or the little crackers that were definitely not gluten free! So I had the tummy ache before I had even said goodnight, but I knew what would happen and I did it anyway, same with the wine, but hey. Everything in moderation and it is Christmas!

I don’t think I will be doing anything too strenuous today apart from get the decorations out of the loft and write some cards, which will make this another no spend day. Not bad for a weekend as we charge towards Christmas!