The magic dressing up box

Despite my children being all grown up and generally having no need for a dressing up box, we still have the remnants from it in the shed for the odd adult fancy dress party. I spotted it yesterday in between the old TV cabinet and the cat basket.

Reviving the dressing up box!

Reviving the dressing up box!

At one stage it was filled with all kinds of things: hats, wigs, old petticoats, high heels, sunglasses, old ties and scarves. Occasionally a proper purchased dressing up outfit would turn up to add a bit of excitement, but mostly it cost pennies to put together.

My girls loved the dressing up box. It was their most played with ‘toy’ and the starting point for many an absorbing game or excellent adventure.

Now that the Easter holidays are here, if you have children I urge you to make a dressing up box!