The Joy of Swishing

A few years ago I was invited to a ‘swishing’ party. I was concerned That my friend was luring me into some kind of dubious practice, but upon further investigation it seemed that swishing was an actual thing!

Basically she was hosting a clothes swapping party. We all took some decent quality items along and had a look through the rails to see if we fancied anything others had brought along. We drank lots of wine and had a good old gossip. It cost very little, we all went home with some new (to us anyway) items of clothing, and it was fun.

Now it seems swishing has gone viral. There are websites listing events, and others where you can advertise your clothes, and get credits to spend if somebody ‘buys’ them. I think it is a brilliant idea however you do it.

Here are a few good sites: Advertises events all around the UK. Quote: “Save money, save the planet, have a party: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons. Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality.” . They say: “you get virtual money credits for the items you send us, credits you can immediately use to order any item on the site – no waiting, no haggling, no missing out on those items you love … all items on are already in stock and quality checked, just waiting to be sent to you!” “aims to be the definitive guide for women looking for a swishing party in their town. Also if you are looking to promote a swishing party, you can list it on for FREE!”

I am going to give this a go and try the on-line swapping. I have a mass of stuff in the loft to Ebay so some of it will be swished instead!