The Grand Reunion (and a lot of laughs)

When you laugh so hard you have tears streaming down your face, you can barely breath and you are red in the face, you must be doing something right. When you are with a group of people and you are all like this for around three hours, it is better than any drug on the market I am sure!

I went to my colleage reunion today. Not a grand properly organised thing; just a group of 7 of us having a catch up in an Indian restaurant. I hadn’t seen 5 of the 7 for 32 years. 32 years! How can the time have flown by so fast? Yet, as one of our party said, it was as though we had seen each other last Friday and just resumed the conversation. We had a fantastic catch up, and laughed so often and so hard it hurt. They say it is the best medicine, so we should all be pretty healthy for a while.

reunionIt’s a funny thing. We met in our teens. We were all from similar working class backgrounds. None of us had any money. We were all pretty much left wing and slightly hippy-ish in our thinking. We had no real cares or responsibilities. We spent a lot of time sitting around in the refectory, hanging about in the town centre pubs, going to gigs and parties. It seems that you can forge such easy and lasting relationships in these circumstances. We had time on our hands and weren’t exhausted by the demands of our busy lives. I have rarely found a group of people I felt and continue to feel so comfortable with.

We are pretty much scattered geographically, and have all taken such different paths. One trained as a nurse and now works in mental health, one teaches crafts and runs a library in the US,  one is a a stud farm manager (now that was a surprise!), one works with industry to get young people with physical and learning disabilities the chance to get into employment, one works for the tax office, one is a painter and decorator, one works in local government and is a yoga teacher (that’s me :)).

Some of us have travelled and led exciting lives, some stayed put and had stable families and jobs, some had a few disastrous relationships along the way, some experienced the loss of loved ones.

There were a couple of notable faces missing that we would have loved to see. Maybe next time, and maybe we won’t leave it another 30 years or we will be on our zimmer frames!

2 thoughts on “The Grand Reunion (and a lot of laughs)

  1. What fun. A similar thing was organized the other week for just our year group at secondary school. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the full do in town, but I did spend a wonderful couple of hours catching up with 2 friends I hadn’t seen since we were 16-18 who were going .

    Definitely plan on going next time though. I thought it would be awkward, but like you found, they hadn’t changed a bit, which put me at ease for tackling the bigger affair!

  2. You all look fabulous and obviously having such a good time. So interesting to see what paths our friends have taken and to share in those adventures. Have a wonderful day!

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