The curse of the email overload

  Well, my last blog post about vet’s bills pushed a few buttons! Thanks for all the helpful comments. I will definitely go to check out the vet prices at Pets at Home.

We have had fabulous sunny weather here, even missing thunder storms and heavy rain over the past few days that hit London and the rest of Essex. The garden is so full of flowers – I love this time of year, even though there is so much to do.

I worked from home a couple of days, which meant no fighting my way through traffic and more time for me. I even sat on our new bench and ate my breakfast outside a couple of days. What a treat – I felt like I was on holiday, even though the emails poured in as usual. I spend far too much of my day answering emails. Technology has huge benefits I know, but it makes  people lazy. Why pick up the phone and have a conversation when you can chuck over an email!

I am trying to send fewer but it doesn’t stop people sending them to me. I get so many at work I forget to even look at my personal email account. Still, I never seem to miss much! 

  We had a lovely week house and dog sitting for friends last week – such a cute little mutt. I would love a dog but we just aren’t home enough to give one adequate attention. Maybe when I retire. Our friends also have a hot tub so we had a few nice evenings relaxing in it. My daughters came over and loved it! We will happily do this again. 

My youngest is in the midst of her A levels at the moment. Such a stressful time for her. There is so much pressure on kids to do well these days. I will be glad when they are over and then we will have a break from studies as she is taking a gap year. 

Oh well, off to work to the email deluge!

2 thoughts on “The curse of the email overload

  1. I know what you mean about email overload. I decided a short while ago that I would stop applying to newsletters, say for crafting things, and I avoid giving out my email wherever possible. If people want me they can write or telephone and it has made a real difference but you still get spam ones of course. I do open the odd spam one as sometimes people manage to get hold of my email address via something else so I delete their contact – but that can be dangerous sometimes as it could be a virus. Arrghg! What to do?

    • Yes – don’t open spam! Just delete. Mine are mostly work related but can be from people in the same office who could just walk over to speak to me!

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