The Courgettes are Coming!!

harvest2014The veg patch is really starting to come into its own suddenly. Last night I picked three more courgettes, some French beans and even a baby tomato! The girls say I am ‘sad’ to get excited about growing my own veggies, in which case I am happy to be sad, if you know what I mean!

Growing our own is part of the financial strategy and certainly saves me money once the veg patch gets going. Its so nice to have delicious produce on your plate that is as fresh as it can be and which cost pence to grow.chopped veg

Not that this will help with our latest language student. It appears he will not eat a vegetable of any sort. I asked him what he likes to eat and he said fish, meat and pasta. We will eat some of those! I will try to accommodate him as much as I can but at the same time we will eat vegetables too. Actually fussy eaters are one of my pet hates (too much hunger in the world) but I willhave to grin and bear it and stuff him full of pasta 🙂