The Best Things in Life are Free…

J at WivenhoeIt was such a dreary day today – I was working, so I missed most of it anyway. It was dark when I left home this morning and dark again when I came out of the office!  I was looking at some photos from Sunday and it couldn’t have been more different here in Essex. An absolutely beautiful winter’s day with the most fabulous blue sky. I went for a walk with Mr Shoestring along Wivenhoe Quay. We bought some chips and tea, and sat on a bench watching the birds and the people on their walks whilst we ate them. It was a perfect afternoon and cost nothing – well, only the price of the tea and chips, and Mr Shoestring treated me to those!

wivenhoeI love to get out in the fresh air and just walk – I am stuck indoors enough. You can spend a lot of money going to expensive tourist attractions, or pay a fortune in a swanky restaurant, but there are some things that are very precious and cost nothing, and a great view in good company is a good example.

Tonight we won’t be making a fuss. The girls are all out socialising, so me and Mr S have a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge and a large bag of Doritos, and we plan to cuddle up and watch some of the TV programmes we recorded over Christmas. I know that must sound incredibly boring to some people, but I have done enough New Year’s Eve partying in my time!

Whatever you are doing, have a great night, and may you have health and happiness in 2014!