That Monday feeling

After a week off I have a mere 285 emails. A lot of them can be deleted but there are a fair few that require some kind of action. I still say emails are a curse!! Some of them are conversations between 4 or 5 people who all work in the same office!! This has strengthened my resolve to only send an email at work if it is strictly necessary. A phone or face to face conversation can actually save time I find. 

I definitely have that Monday feeling. This is the problem with holidays – you have to come back!!


As a diversion, I have been looking back at Simon Dale’s hobbit house, a fabulous eco home built in the Welsh countryside. Can you imagine living in such a totally perfect house? It was built by hand for just a few thousand pounds, so mortgage free as well. I would love to quit the rat race and build my own place like this. Have a look on his website to see what it looks like inside:

Simon and his family have since moved on to Lammas, an eco village in North Pembrokeshire. A whole community of like-minded souls living a simple low impact lifestyle. It looks wonderful! Have a look: 

I can but dream…in the meantime my PC beckons and probably a few more emails!

One thought on “That Monday feeling

  1. Wow thank you for mentioning those sites. While I don’t think I will ever return to the UK to live, I do have plans to spend time in the UK taking courses like the ones offered on those sites. Fascinating stuff. Anna

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