Ten ways I have made extra money

I always have at least one scheme on the go to make a little extra money. I like my job but it just doesn’t pay me enough! I would rather put some effort into this than waste my energy worrying about not having enough to pay the bills.

These are what I am doing now or have done in the past to make ends meet:

Taken in a lodger

Hosted foreign students from the local language school

Run yoga classes 

Bought from boot sales or charity shops and resold on eBay


Worked behind the bar at the local pub

Sold my old books online

Attended weekend events such as shows and exhibitions for work

Sold Avon makeup door to door

Hosted Body Shop parties

The key is to commit enough time but not so much you are permanently exhausted. If you can turn a hobby into a way of making money that is ideal. I did this with my yoga classes. Bar work can be fun if it is somewhere you would go anyway. Hard work though! I hated the sales parties – I’m not a natural sales woman. If you are, I think they can be worthwhile. Avon was a hard slog round the houses with a toddler in a buggy. I think I spent more than I earned!

If you have a spare room this is the best way to make a substantial regular income. The language students were great – we met so many interesting people from all over the world. They are a tie, however, as you have to be around to feed and entertain them. 

A lodger is ideal and this is what I am focussing on, along with selling a few designer dresses on eBay. If you fancy it, there is loads of guidance on how much you can earn before paying tax on renting your spare room here if you are in the UK.

There are loads of ways to make a little extra if you are willing to have a go. What works for you?

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  2. I supervise exams for the Higher School Certificate here in New South Wales. This happens in October/November & brings in a handy amount in time for Christmas. Other side hustles include working at State or Federal elections, either at a polling booth or in the central office, and working for the Bureau of Statistics at census time.

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