Teen Party

In the past, if the girls wanted a birthday party we generally had them at home. Only DD3 has had them in recent years, being the youngest.

This year she asked me for a big party – she has just turned 16 and wanted to mark it. My heart fell when she asked as I couldn’t see how I could afford it so soon after Christmas, but fortunately her Dad came up trumps and has paid for a hall and  DJ. So I just need to sort the food and drink, plus the decorations.

I will get some balloons and streamers, and already have fairy lights from Christmas. As she is sweet 16 we are going with a sweet theme. Past experience tells me that her friends will be too busy shrieking and dancing to eat much, so I will just do a few sandwiches and sausage rolls, with some crisps. I will make a pile of cupcakes and will pipe on chocolate and strawberry icing, and bought some cardboard 3 tier cake stands for 99p from Home Bargains to make them look pretty on the table.

I have some branches from the garden that I will put in clean plant pots, spray them silver and hang lollipops and sweets from them, and have some boxes of chocolates around the place too. The biggest expense will be the drinks – she wants alcohol free champagne! I have found some sparkling wine on the sainsburys website , but won’t buy much as I don’t think they will actually drink it! We will use it for a toast. At least she doesn’t want actual alcohol! She doesn’t even want boys since she is at an all girls grammar and hardly knows any. I am making the most of this as I know it won’t last 🙂

I have a week and a half to prepare but will get busy this weekend.

I am now officially old as all three girls are old enough to get married …