Taking the early train on the hottest day

Today I took the early train to London with all the bleary eyed commuters (not grumpy though; today is a beautiful day and, since we get so few of those they were mostly happy!). 

Me and my girl

I am not a big fan of the city: too busy, too frantic and fast paced, too dirty for me. But today was a big day. Darling daughter no 2’s graduation day! They only allow two people to the ceremony, so I was accompanied by her lovely boyfriend, with everyone else joining us for a celebratory lunch afterwards. They drove down and parked near her shared house in Hackney as that was cheaper than the train for three of them.

Hats off!

 The ceremony was interesting, not too long so that it got dull, but long enough and with adequate pomp and ceremony to feel special. Then it was lots of pix in the baking sun – our hottest day of the year so far at 34 degrees – and a glass of fizz in the hall. 
 I loved seeing all the graduates in their gowns – very Harry Potter-esque!

My girl and her gorgeous boyfriend

We had a lovely lunch at a Turkish restaurant in Hackney. It was perfect light Mediterranean food for such a hot day and good value at around £10 each for a main course. I had dolma (cheese and rice stuffed courgettes and pepper) which was really tasty. I am going to look out a recipe.

We drove back in very heavy traffic and we were all sweating buckets by the time we arrived home. I am currently wilting in front of a fan on the sofa. Still, we have storms forecast for tonight so I suppose I should enjoy the sun while it is here!

7 thoughts on “Taking the early train on the hottest day

  1. Oh you have my sympathy! Our son graduated years ago in Sheffield and we had to travel up by car from south of Oxford in similar temperatures to today! I’d forgotten how hot it had been until I read your post!

  2. Lovely photo Jane, you both look great, congratulations to your daughter.
    Lucky you with the weather – we got soaked at my son’s Masters ceremony last year!
    My son’s in Shoreditch now so I know what you mean about travelling to East London – and the cost of lunch!

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