Bargain of the week

Yesterday I said I don’t rely on yellow sticker bargains. I did, of course, take a peek in the reduced sections when I was in Sainsbury’s yesterday but there was nothing I wanted and the reductions weren’t that great. I only go in there for the cat food and my Lactofree milk anyway so trudged over to the pet aisle and was amazed to find this:

That is my idea of a yellow sticker bargain, 48 sachets of cat food for 99p! I don’t know why it was reduced so drastically. The box was a bit damaged but nothing major. I was chuffed and so were the cats!

I spent £45 for the 3 of us in Aldi for the week, which wasn’t bad at all. Last night we had a delicious chicken tray bake. I already had a pack of peppers that needed using and some olives. I adapted the recipe to use what was in the larder: green olives instead of black, dried thyme instead of fresh and balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar. The chorizo in Aldi was in huge packs for almost £2.50. I bought pepperoni instead at 89p and will use some of that today. I am making paella to use up some rice. I also added a 15p can of Aldi potatoes to make it more substantial and served it with canned sweet corn. It was lovely. The original recipe is here. I got it from the BBCGood Food website, which is a great resource when you need a little inspiration.

What are you cooking this weekend? Do you adapt recipes to suit what you have or what you can afford?

Sprouts aren’t just for Christmas!

imageA very quick post today as work is mayhem and I have a busy evening ahead too. Back to reality!

I managed to get some seasonal food at bargain prices this week. A huge load of sprouts for £1 reduced from £2.99, a gluten free  christmas pud which was 70p rather than £3, GF fruit cake slices for 50p rather than £2.50 and a big bag of chestnuts for 95p rather than £4.

We will happily eat sprouts and cake at any time of the year! And I feel a chestnut and mushroom roast coming on for the weekend.

Anything to keep grocery costs down works for me! Have you found any foodie bargains?

I love a yellow stickered bargain!

imageI popped into Asda after work at about 8.30 last night to check out the reduced sections. There wasn’t a great deal there, but what there was was reduced a lot!

imageI got a bag of salad for 20p, which made lunch for me and two darling daughters today with some chopped up cheese and ham, a bag of swede for 10p that I put in the freezer to add to stews as and when, and a bag of chopped casserole vegetables for 10p. These will form the basis of tonight’s dinner. Before I left for work this morning I threw them in the slow cooker with a packet of browned off Aldi sausages, a tin of chopped tomatoes, some stock, some chopped herbs and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Hopefully this will be nice for tea with some mashed spuds.

Cheap and easy, that’s me!