Holiday preparations: more organisation needed here!

Holiday preparations for our rural retreat

It is possible that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to holiday preparations. I tend to leave it all to the last minute. I am fine at booking and paying for it, checking passports and sorting travel insurance…it’s the packing!

This time we are going to Wales, a nice frugal holiday, so no passport necessary or currency to buy. But we are off in the morning, I have been at work today and I haven’t even started packing yet.

A haphazard approach

Holiday preparations for a week in WalesMy holiday preparations so far have involved going to the supermarket last night for food to leave for my daughter and the cats and then chucking a wash on. The lodger will, thankfully, sort herself out. At least if I am up to date with  laundry I will have clothes to pack.

There is still so much to do! Why didn’t I start sooner? Because there is always so much to do. Maybe this is why I need another holiday !

A mad rush

So tonight will be a mad rush of ironing, packing the cases, making the picnic for our journey and rushing around the garden cropping and watering!

Luckily Mr S has had the time to work in the garden this week. If he hadn’t we would have been returning to a jungle. This is the upside of him being self employed and being able to organise his own schedule.

I have also been rushing to get things done at work. I will need my holiday after all this!  It will be worth it but I know I can organise myself better. How good are you at holiday preparations?