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Need to save money? How about a no spend week?

no spend week

Beautiful Wrabness

Yesterday kicked off our latest no spend week. Earlier in the year we did a couple of no spend months. We only spent money on essentials such as food and petrol (plus the usual household bills, of course).

As well as being helpful for the bank balance, not buying anything is strangely liberating. Setting myself strict limits on what I can purchase takes away any temptations! There are no internal debates on whether I can afford something, I am just not buying it because I am on a no spend period. I get on with enjoying stuff that is free and using what I already have.

Why we need a no spend week

no spend week

Life’s a beach

As we have had a lot of expense this month,  a no spend week is a good idea and will take us up to pay day without going overdrawn or dipping into the reserves. 

The rules are the same as for no spend months.  We will only spend money on essentials.  Next week we shouldn’t need to spend anything at all, not even on food. We have plenty in the cupboards that needs to be used so it will be an eat from the larder week. We have milk, bread, cat food, tea bags and petrol, as well as plenty of food in the fridge and freezer.

A day out for free to kick off no spend week

no spend week

Mr S takes a dip

Yesterday we had a free day out in the sunshine, bar the cost of the petrol. We had to drop my daughter at a friend’s in Mistley for a barbecue, so we drove across to Wrabness after for a walk on the beach and a swim. The water was so calm, clear and warm, we could have been on the Mediterranean somewhere.  The beach huts at Wrabness are rather luxurious – more like chalets than beach huts really and it looks as if people are allowed to sleep in them. I bet they cost an absolute fortune! But we took some drinks and snacks and spent no money at all. Days out don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, especially when the weather is so hot. We are very lucky to have so many beautiful coastal areas within half an hour’s drive.


Is anyone else on a no spend week (or month)? Do you do regular no spend days? How do you motivate yourself and what do you do to stop yourself spending?

Pop art and a walk in the park

  We had a great day on Sunday. The sun decided to shine at last, which always helps. Often on Sunday we will make a visit somewhere for a walk or to a local attraction. This time we decided to be as local as we could be and headed to colchester’s First Site gallery to see the Andy Warhol pop art exhibition there.

  I don’t know much about art but I loved it, both Andy Warhol’s pieces and the work of a Colchester born artist called Katie Stewart. So vibrant and an interesting take on popular culture. It was a free exhibition too – a bonus for us frugal types!

We had a lovely walk through the Castle Park afterwards which was full of blossom and flowers.

Our new French student arrived on Saturday evening. She is very sweet but it was a bit of a shock as we were told she was 16 and she is, in fact, 12! I am not comfortable having students this young as I work full time and they have to get themselves about on the bus. I travelled with her on Monday to show her which stop to get on and off at. This made me late for work but I wasn’t happy to leave her to her own devices. I fought through the traffic to collect her after as well but I can’t do this every day so this morning she got herself there and will take the bus back too. I haven’t heard anything so I assume all is well! 

It is hard work hosting students! I am thinking of just getting a lodger. Then they can look after themselves. Anyone any experience of this?