An evening pottering

I should be out sorting the mess that is the garden but I had a busy day learning first aid today so I’m having a constructive potter around. It gets dark early too so it would be a rush! I have packaged a couple of items I sold on eBay, sorted a mass of laundry, given the kitchen a clean, stewed a load of windfall apples to go in the freezer and I am about to do a pile of ironing. After that I will do a yoga session. Gentle but busy!

Mr S is out and DD3 is at her boyfriend’s house so it is just me and the cats. I quite like having the house to myself sometimes!

Anyone else enjoying a potter?

It’s been a long week

Busy, busy at work all week, so I am feeling quite tired. Last weekend was quite full so I didn’t manage a really good house clean, and the untidiest of my three daughters is currently home from university, so the house is a tip!! This weekend is also looking busy, but I will have to fit in some housework or I will get really twitchy. I can only deal with so much chaos!

 Despite her sloppy habits, DD2 did cook the dinner last night. I was very grateful for this, although the kitchen looked as if there had been a minor vandalism incident afterwards. She made sausage and beer casserole from the A Girl Called Jack cookbook. It was OK, but not the best recipe we have tried. Again, there was a lot of liquid. Jack likes runny food! If I make it again I will put in less beer and more seasonings as it was lacking a certain depth of flavour.

 So this weekend will be a sprint to clean the house, sort some paperwork, do the laundry, prepare for DD3’s birthday on Monday and bake a cake. I am out for dinner Saturday evening and my parents are popping in for a visit too, then we have a takeaway planned for Sunday as a birthday treat. I won’t have to do lots of cooking anyway.

 Do you have anything good planned this weekend?

imageI can’t believe I have never made a pasty before – well I hadn’t until the other night when I decided on a cheese and veg pasty. DD3 made the filling of onion, cubed potato, carrots and blue cheese and I did the pastry. Thus was easy as I found some ready made stuff in the freezer which I decided to use up! So it was fast food really 🙂 and cheap too. Home made pastry is better but this was ok and they tasted lovely.

So, with my immense super woman powers, this weekend I am trying to fit in making a cake for a fete this afternoon and attending the fete, doing all the cleaning and laundry too before I go, making courgette soup for the freezer, painting two doors in the hall that never got a second coat when I decorated ( I have ordered the stair carpet so I am on a deadline), getting all of the boot sale stuff in my car for tomorrow morning , actually doing the boot sale, then coming home and taking  the gecko to her new home ( we had to; the kitten was terrorising her). At some point I need to go out and pick the beans , tomatoes and courgettes or they will be monsters! Actually I will sell the excess at the boot sale I think. There is loads to do in the garden still, although Mr S  mowed all the lawns and cleared the patio of weeds in the week.

Then tomorrow evening we have a new student arriving from Spain for three weeks. I hope he is a Mediterranean hunk who loves courgettes but we shall see…

It is madness really. I also need to find time to cook and eat but will get the darling daughters to at least do that and a bit of cleaning too. Oh to be bored!