Stretching the pennies by eating vegetarian

courgettes and mushroomsI am still trying to eat as frugally as possible to make up for overspending on food last month. Tonight DD3 is going to make A Girl Called Jack’s vegetable masala. Eating veggie food is fine by me. I actually prefer it and I was vegetarian for 16 years before the hassle of making two lots of food for my carnivorous family and myself got too much. Now we all eat veggie some of the time. It’s cheaper and it’s healthier!

I went through some of my old vegetarian cookbooks last night and found lots of delicious looking recipes to revisit. I will share the best ones on here.

greek saladI have several items for sale on Depop and Ebay but I have to say they are proving slow to shift. Me and DD3 picked up a few more bits at the charity shops at the weekend that we think we can sell on so hopefully we will have ore luck.

Anyone else selling on the Internet?

3 thoughts on “Stretching the pennies by eating vegetarian

  1. TheMadHouse

    I really struggle with getting much sold for good value online, but my BF makes a part time income doing it She is an amazing boot sale shopper. Do come and join our fabulously frugal link up

  2. Kate steeper

    I’ve had a little ebay shop that has to pay the bills from time to time for years , it’s the weird stuff makes the money, that and not selling stuff at auction


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