Stretching the Budget

Bad news today: it was confirmed that my pay is being cut by about £950 a year. I suppose it could be worse – I still have a job – but I need this like a hole in the head.

The budget needs to be as elastic as possible so this week I am planning a very small shop and to be creative with what I have in the cupboard. It needs to stretch!

So, what do I have? A bit of veg : carrots, onions, peppers; a jar of Chicken Tonight, lentils, couscous, rice, 2 frozen pizza bases, tinned tomatoes, a tin of tuna and one of sardines. Lots of pasta as well and some spuds.

So…I think I will go with:

Friday : cheese and pepper pizzas and salad
Saturday : cheese and tuna bake with broccoli
Sunday : stir fried pork and peppers with noodles
Monday: chicken in slow cooker using jar of sauce
Tuesday : lentil Dahl and rice
Wednesday : Spaghetti with sardines
Thursday : spicy chicken wings and cous cous

Not exactly a carb free week but it will do 🙂

0 thoughts on “Stretching the Budget

  1. sam shearing

    roll on veggie growing season, we are having leeks spouts and purple broccoli with every thing this week, but there may be a swede next week as well.

  2. lynda kling

    Over here (USA) very popular to cut staff and then increase everyone’s workload…sounds like you will have something similar..less money but more, or the same , work…best of luck. The powers that be just don’t care…

  3. Stephanie knight

    Times are hard here too (Holland). The education authority informed us in November that they will be making redundancies. We’ll hear in May who can stay and who has to go!
    Thanks for sharing and being such a big inspiration. Good luck.

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      Thanks all. I really hope you don’t get made redundant! At least I don’t have that to worry about. Yes, definitely more work – we have to do more with less! Work life is now mirroring my home life 🙂


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