Stretching the Budget

Bad news today: it was confirmed that my pay is being cut by about £950 a year. I suppose it could be worse – I still have a job – but I need this like a hole in the head.

The budget needs to be as elastic as possible so this week I am planning a very small shop and to be creative with what I have in the cupboard. It needs to stretch!

So, what do I have? A bit of veg : carrots, onions, peppers; a jar of Chicken Tonight, lentils, couscous, rice, 2 frozen pizza bases, tinned tomatoes, a tin of tuna and one of sardines. Lots of pasta as well and some spuds.

So…I think I will go with:

Friday : cheese and pepper pizzas and salad
Saturday : cheese and tuna bake with broccoli
Sunday : stir fried pork and peppers with noodles
Monday: chicken in slow cooker using jar of sauce
Tuesday : lentil Dahl and rice
Wednesday : Spaghetti with sardines
Thursday : spicy chicken wings and cous cous

Not exactly a carb free week but it will do 🙂