Stormy bank holiday

  Storm Katie paid us a visit on bank holiday Monday and took out two of the fence panels. It could have been worse I guess. At least the roof held up!

It wasn’t a great start to the day but I was indoors cooking anyway. I did a roast chicken and we had lots of Aldi 29p veg with it – parsnips, carrots and swede. 29p! So cheap. The swede wasn’t a great success, however. I just cooked and mashed it but I think I will find something nicer to do with the other half. It’s not really an inspiring vegetable! Any ideas anyone?

I am still watching my weight so avoided anything hugely calorific like chocolate cake or crumble for pudding. My lot are quite happy with stewed fruit and custard, so that is what we had. I used some of the blackberries and red currants I froze last summer from the garden, mixed with cooking apples.
  Later I  went and ruined my efforts at the garden centre where I gave in to a rather large chocolate crispy cake with my cup of tea! Mr S had some vouchers for Christmas so we went and bought a few plants. We don’t usually go near the rather expensive cafe but because we didn’t spend any actual cash we caved 😀.

I don’t expect to have lost anything when I get weighed this week! I hope I haven’t put any on though…

3 thoughts on “Stormy bank holiday

  1. Had to look up ‘Swede’ on Wikipedia… in the U.S., it’s called ‘Rutabega’, and my mother has always loved it! She most often peels and boils it, but you could also peel it, toss it in a small amount of olive oil with garlic and herbs (rosemary or thyme would be nice) and oven roast it in a hot oven for about 30 minutes.

    Sorry about your fence. Can Mr. S fix it?

  2. We always enjoy Swede and Carrot mashed together with a bit of butter and lots of pepper. I also like it in a stew. Just seems to add something to it. I know of others who make a pie out of it. The recipe is the same as for a pumpkin or squash pie using cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Sorry to see you fence flattened. Here in my part of Canada, we usually get the really bad wind with summer storms, or in the middle of winter with the blizzards.

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