Still not buying it and getting stuff for free…

So…this morning we have the engineer to look at our boiler,  which has been misbehaving. It randomly refuses to come on. Most of the time we persuade it but yesterday it simply refused. The engineer is confused. This is the third time he has looked at it but can’t work out why it is going wrong. It doesn’t appear to be anything too major, but as I said a few weeks ago, this is why we need an emergency fund!

I would normally be in Aldi or Lidl first thing, but I bought quite a lot last week so I am going to make it last. I have plenty of pasta, rice, vegetables, fruit, chicken, pulses and some Quorn. DD2 is coming to stay for a couple of days and she is vegetarian, so we won’t need much meat anyway. I am planning spaghetti and cheese casserole and cheesy mushroom and lentil cottage pie. She does tend to guzzle lots of milk so that is all I need to buy, along with cat food for my furry princesses. 

I did buy some vitamins for DD3 as she hasn’t been well and is very run down. Apart from that I am still buying nothing unless absolutely essential.

Sofa anyone?

Honestly having a second super frugal no spend month is oddly liberating. I don’t worry about what I can’t have – I already have so much! 

Sometimes the things you would like just fall into your lap if you are lucky anyway. I was hankering after a new sofa as ours (secondhand from the charity shop) isn’t as comfy as it could be. My friend James and his wife decided to upgrade their still rather smart and very comfortable cream leather one so offered it to us. He helps me when WordPress leaves me confused and confuddled as it does on occasion, so he is very familiar with the theme of this blog and my thrifty ways. 

Today we will go and collect it. I am now frantically trying to get rid of the old one for free on Gumtree and Freecycle. One charity shop doesn’t want it as they have enough furniture and another can’t collect it until the end of the month. It is too good to send to the tip so I am hoping to find it a new home. 

Sofa anyone? Anyone else on a super frugal no spend month?

9 thoughts on “Still not buying it and getting stuff for free…

  1. Is there Streetlife in your area? I’ve found them really good for all sorts of things: local info about roadworks, criminal scams, lost cats, forthcoming events – also for items offered or wanted. It’s much more local than, say, Freecycle.

    • Actually yes. I recently signed up but haven’t explored it yet. I will have a look. Thanks!

  2. We inherited most of the previous owners furniture when we moved into our house almost 5 years ago. It was a god-send at the time because we’d moved from America and had had to get rid of all our furniture.

    We’re still using her beds (and bedding!) , sideboards, bookcases & coffee tables, but replaced the 2 sofas at Christmas.
    As they were too old to have fire safety labels we couldn’t donate them, so put them at the edge of our driveway with a “I’m free! take me” note attached, and they were gone within a few hours!

  3. I’m sure someone will be delighted with that sofa. It’s good to pass things on – I’m very anti landfill.

  4. Too right everyone needs an emergency fund … my computer has died. Don’ t know when I’ll be back online again, can’t email anyone because I don’t know there addresses, but using my husband’s computer to post this. Not a happy bunny today – just shows how much we rely on technology.
    Great to get a sofa like that, look forward to seeing pix of it.
    Margaret P

  5. EVERY month I try to stay as frugal as possible. What I consider a splurge would probably be considered normal spending for many others. I enjoy bargain hunting and thinking twice before parting with my cash. It serves me well, especially when car repairs are needed or other surprise expenses pop up. Tonight I found bags of no name carrots marked down… 5 pounds for $1 ! When a person is frugal, thrills come cheaply.

    • Love that! ‘When a person is frugal, thrills come cheaply’. Quote of the month and so true

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