Steamy windows! Or more like streaming windows…

I am surprised to find a whole week has slipped by since my last blog post. Does anyone else find that they get much less productive when the clocks change and the evenings get dark so early? It takes me ages to adjust. My energy levels seem to plummet and I start to sink into hibernation mode. It’s hard to be motivated to get on with things.

The condensation this morning before i put the dehumidifier on…

This winter induced malaise, combined with us being so busy last weekend, meant Shoestring Cottage was a mess! I can only cope with so much dirt and disorganisation before I start to twitch so yesterday I got up and straight on to a thorough clean and declutter. 

I cleaned and polished and hoovered. I scrubbed the rug and the dining room chairs – the cats sit on them and make them really grubby. I cleaned the windows, washed the bathroom tiles and even tackled the debris under our bed. That was dusty! I store lots of bits and pieces like presents. Cards and wrapping paper, party stuff (bunting, paper plates and the like) and my paper files under there but other things get shoved there too and I had forgotten some of it existed. I had a clear out and have a bag for the charity shop.

Laundry out and dehumidifier in action

I am fighting the usual battle with condensation here. We have super insulated and maybe just don’t have enough ventilation anymore. I have had the windows open as much as possible, but it has been so grey and damp outside that hasn’t really helped. We have a dehumidifier, which is really effective, but I am conscious of the cost to have it on constantly. But the damp, mild weather means we haven’t had the heating to dry out the air. On top of that there is no chance of drying the laundry outside at the moment, so that is hanging in the sitting room – and the dehumidifier is currently on full blast! If you look at the pic you will see the problem. 

Still, it could be worse and I just need to keep wiping the windows, allowing some ventilation when I can and using the dehumidifier in spurts.

We are taking my mum out this morning. She had a hip replacement a month ago and can’t drive yet, and my dad is waiting on a  cataract op so he can’t drive either. As they live in the sticks a bit they are getting a little stir crazy! We will visit the little antiques unit they run and help them choose a few bits for my mum to sell on eBay. Despite being 80 she is quite a dab hand at this new technology!

Whatever you are doing have a great Sunday!