St Albans: A frugal day out

St AlbansWe had an impromptu day out yesterday to St Albans in Hertfordshire. Darling daughter 3 needed a lift to South Mimms services on the M25 to meet her friend so that they could drive together to Sheffield. They have gone to see an old school mate at university. we drove an hour to get there we thought we might as well make a day of it and head another 20 minutes into St Albans. It is a very interesting place, a Roman town like Colchester, where we live.

St AlbansIt has a fabulous cathedral and a fantastic street market – absolutely huge! Honestly, it went on forever and sold practically everything. I wish we had a good market. Ours is better than it used to be, but is still pretty mediocre.

St AlbansAs I am still on a no spend month I didn’t buy anything and just browsed. I also avoided the charity shops – far too much temptation. St AlbansWe did pack some coffee and a picnic, but after walking round for a few hours we were starving and gave into some Pakistani street food – chicken tikka in a wrap. It was really filling and delicious so it did for dinner.

We had a quick walk around Verulamium Park, but the weather wasn’t great so we didn’t see it at its best. I imagine it is rather lovely in the summer.

St AlbansThe cathedral itself was stunning with some wonderful stained glass windows and ornate wooden and stone carvings everywhere. Well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

So, a pretty cheap day out in St Albans. All it cost was the petrol, £4 to park, a donation to the cathedral and £6 each for dinner. I’m glad we went. I love moseying around new places. Anyone else got any interesting trips planned?

5 thoughts on “St Albans: A frugal day out

  1. That is exactly my kind of day. It is only since husband retired that we have bought food while we’ve been out (i.e. in bistros, cafes, restaurant, pubs, etc) because we always took food with us wherever we went, it was the least expensive way of eating out! Also always a flask of coffee and a bottle of orange barley water (made up, with water, I mean, not the concentrate.) We never bought wet wipes because even if they were available they were unnecessary and expensive. I would pop a damp flannel into a polythene bag and that would do for wiping our hands. But I’ve gone off at a tangent again, and looking around a cathedral and a market like that is just our kind of day. What a lovely display on that fish stall! I once photographed the fish counter in Asda in St Austell as it looked so lovely!
    Margaret P

  2. Lovely photos. I love days out like this but haven’t had once since New Years Day as I have been sick so much since. Looking forward to another day out soon. That market is a feast for the eyes!

  3. Cathedral visits are wonderful, aren’t they? I have a great affinity with the city of Worcester and visit often as I live in Worcestershire. I love to visit the cathedral there. It is special baca use both my daughter’s and my own graduation took place there. Lichfield cathedral, which is the most amazing example of gothic architecture, is fabulous too. Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area, and it is not far from the Royal Memorial Arboretum which, as an incredibly moving p,ace to visit, is in a class of its own.

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