Spring has sprung!

imageSpring has sprung! All the windows are open at Shoestring Cottage, the sun is streaming in and the washing is on the line. I love being able to get the laundry outside rather than having it drying all round the house. Isn’t it amazing how a bit of sunshine can lift your mood?

imageWe moved the newly refurbished dresser out of Mr Shoestring’s workshop and into the kitchen this morning. It makes the decor look even more tatty. I hope to get some painting done but we have two language students coming over the next month so we will need to wait for a clear spell before we create mayhem and upheaval!

imageThere is so much to do in the garden. I will drag Mr S out there tomorrow and get cracking, although I think the forecast is for rain at some point. My bulbs are looking promising. I can’t wait to see their lovely colour.

Once all the cleaning is done today I intend to get back in the gym. I have been coughing all week so didn’t get to work out as much as I had hoped but I am feeling refreshed and energised by the fantastic weather.

Here’s hoping you are having a bit of sun wherever you are this weekend and spring has sprung.

5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Jane, I’m definitely ready for spring. We can see more and more green appearing among the dry grasses, so just a bit longer and the blue bonnets will be covering the grounds.

  2. Sunshine here up in Cheshire too with a nice wind so like you, my bedding got washed and hung out. My garden is very big and Im right next to a farmer’s field so I get a good wind coming through with being all open and rural 🙂
    That dresser looks lovely – well done 🙂

  3. Gorgeous day here in London too. Garden is a riot of spring bulbs, and the trees in the street are starting to blossom!
    We got some half started decorating finished. It’s a great motivation to get the rest done when you can see finished results! Love the dresser.

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