Spinach and spiders!

  Still lots going on in the garden. It is absolutely full of spiders though! I’m not a great fan but I can cope with them. You can’t be a wimp about creepy crawlies when you are a gardener!
 There are quite a few flowers and still lots of vegetables. The courgettes are coming to an end which is just as well as we are all sick of them now. I have cooked them in so many ways, but in the end a courgette is still a courgette.
  Tonight we had spaghetti with homegrown spinach, mushrooms and cream. It was a variation of the recipe in A Girl Called Jack’s book, but I added some cream and wine to use them up and because I think it needs more sauce. It was quick , easy and healthy which is what I am always looking for after work.
  What are your speedy go to recipes when you are in a hurry?