Spending less and saving more in 2017

We have had a lovely day and dinner at my sister’s and we are now home and chilling. It’s nice to have a bit of quiet time to relax. I have been having a think about the upcoming lean January I need to have. I am absolutely determined to save more money next year than I managed in 2016 and I will do this in the following ways:

Spending less

This is tricky as I already live a frugal lifestyle. But I am sure I can save here and there. I need to question every single purchase. Do I really need this? Can I do without it? Can I get it more cheaply?

I had two holidays in 2016, it was lovely! But it cleared out my savings. This year it is Mr S’s BIG birthday. I won’t say which, I will leave you to guess. So we will have a holiday to celebrate as that is the thing he loves to do, but just the one.

I can spend less on groceries. I already shop in the discount supermarkets (Aldi or Lidl) but I will do more yellow sticker hunting. Tell me please, what is the best time to visit the supermarkets to find the really serious discounts?

I need to cook more. Lack of time has made me start using more jars and more expensive short cuts. I need to find some energy and enthusiasm and do some batch cooking.

Getting control of the ad hoc spending

Getting control of my ad hoc spending is essential. I have noticed that I have started buying the tempting but expensive 80p chocolate bars or bags of crisps from the machine rather than keeping a few cheaper snacks in my drawer at work. Popping to Asda or somewhere for my Lacrofree milk and cat food is something I need to do, but  while I am in there picking up wine, snacks, a fancy salad for work, etc. I need to go in with my blinkers on and only buy what I intended!

I will clean my own car. It only takes half an hour but I am tempted from time to time to take it to the Polish car washers. They do a great job but at £10 when it could be free.

I rarely buy new clothes, I dye my own hair and buy only basic toiletries. So nothing to save there. I am mean with the heating and fanatical about turning off lights so no savings there either. We hardly ever go out to the pub or for a meal, so not much I can cut back on.

I will do a review of all my outgoings to check to see if I can get anything such as utilities  more cheaply or cut things out all together.

Earning more

This year, as well as spending less,  I need to bring more money in. I went for a promotion but didn’t hear before Christmas so don’t think I was successful. However, there will be other chances so I will sign up to some job alerts so I don’t miss the opportunities.

I am hoping to get a lodger. This is proving tougher than I thought but hopefully I will get some more interest in the new year. In the meantime I will keep taking the language students as I have for the past few years.

I intend to up my eBay sales . This has made me a bit extra in the past year or two – £50-£100 sometimes a month. It takes quite a bit of time but it all helps. This will go straight to savings.

What are your top tips for making more money and spending less?

4 thoughts on “Spending less and saving more in 2017

  1. I too am hoping to both reduce spending and figure out ways to bring in more funds. I know it is tough but we have big dreams with modest earnings. Good luck to you in 2017.

  2. I think the problem is you are trying too hard with lodgers!.. If they wanted a bed sit they would go for that!. I have lodgers queueing up through spare room. I live in Edinburgh and charge £500 a month no bills. So far most lodgers stay on average a year. Nice clean room, tv area in room, desk area. To be fair most lodgers do not wan,t to socialise in the sitting room anyway, just want own space and someone to say hello to!. Think the own sitting room sounds scary!. Just me I guess, suggests stay here but keep away from me and family!.
    I have had continued lodgers for 5 years, often overlapping when one had to sleep on the sofa.
    Hope you don,t feel I am being too forward? Trying to help!.
    Regards Kirrie

  3. My local Tesco Express does its final reductions at 7.30pm, usually 90% off. Recent buys include 4 packs of luxury fish pie at 32p each, large pizzas at 30p and six boxes of blueberries at 16p each. Of course, some nights there is nothing worth having. I go most evenings, it is a 15 minute round trip including shopping time. It has the added benefit of making me do a short, after dinner, walk. Our main Tesco has very few yellow stickers except on some veg, but then it tends to be 50% off around lunchtime. By evening, the reduced shelves are empty.

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