Sowing the Seeds…

I have just being going through the two sweetie tins where we keep our seeds. I haven’t had a proper look lately other than to dig out the Cosmos and sow it a few weeks ago. We have loads to use up! In the flower tin I found scabious, forget me nots, sunflowers, naturtiums, hollyhocks and poppies amongst others, and in the veg tin I found carrots, chard leeks, herbs, kale, broccoli, beetroot – I could go on.

seedsThey really need using or they will get too old and fail, so we need to find some time for some serious sowing. It’s really the only type I do (although I do have a pair of curtains to hem :-)).

My problem is that I can’t resist them if I see seeds at bargain prices, and then don’t have time to sow them all. We are also very lucky in that Mr S’s lovely neighbours – who are proper gardeners and the font of all gardening wisdom – give us a lot of plants, both flowers and veg. Last year we grew some runner beans and they also gave us some so we had an excellent crop plus they gave us about 10 different varieties of tomatoes to go in the greenhouse which were absolutely fabulous. We have some more on the way as Mr S was told to get the runner bean frame up and ready when he popped in to see them this week.

I think I will give the beds a good weed and just scatter all the flower seeds everywhere, then just see what comes up. The veg growing will be a bit more organised. Mr S has already got the spuds in. Watch this space!

I have given the house a good clean today and done most of the ironing. I have my whole family coming tomorrow for lunch. I don’t have much to cook – just some salads and a bucket of chilli – as they will all be bringing a contribution. There will be 19 of us. I have warned the student so I hope they don’t terrify her….