Soup, soup, wonderful soup!

I love soup at any time of the year, but it is particularly satisfying when it is cold and dark, you are broke and hungry and you want something comforting. I tend to go for vegetable soups so they are really healthy – you drink a couple of your five a day!

I plan to try Margaret’s yummy looking pestou soup here, which looks like a meal in itself. I very often just chuck whatever I have in the fridge into a pan with onions and stock and it always works out delicious, but I have some favourites I enjoy too.

Here are some of the recipes I like:

Carrot and coriander

Courgette and celery

Minestrone (another meal in itself)

I can recommend investing in some Sistema microwave cups if you like taking your soup to heat at work. They don’t leak and heat up really quickly, although they are prone to stain if you like tomato soup 😀. I will get some of the batch I made over Christmas out of the freezer for lunch today. 

I dredged the bottom of the freezer for last night’s dinner and found a pack of Quorn sausages that needed eating. These are not my favourite – I won’t buy them again -but they cooked up a treat in a sausage casserole. I used an onion, some garlic, a pepper, half a jar of pasta sauce, a tin of tomatoes and the end of a bottle of red wine with some herbs chucked in and it was nice with sweet potato mash. 

This morning I will top up what I have in the cupboards with a small shop at Aldi. I have my list at the ready. Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Soup, soup, wonderful soup!

  1. Thank you for giving a link to my pestou soup receipe, Jane! I think most of us are into soup-making at this time of the year, the left-overs from Christmas often being the base for nourishing, tasty soup! I must have a look at your minestrone recipe and see if it differs from my own – that really is, as is pestou, a meal in itself. I don’t have a microwave – so can’t use the cups you mention (or a soup maker or a slow cooker, come to that; I bought a slow cooker a couple of years ago but everything from it ended up tasting much the same so it went to a charity shop, along with the slow cooker recipe books.)
    After so many soup meals this week, it’s roast chicken today. We eat little meat these days, but a roast chicken is lovely, and then there are the lovely chicken and cold stuffing sandwiches, chicken curry or chicken pie or chicken and pasta bake, and then the carcass for stock …
    I have never tried quorn, but the sausages we like are called Devon Rose ( They are large plump ones, only 5 to the pack but they make a lovely sausage casserole, and one sausage is quite sufficient with the veg to fill us up, so there is sufficient for two meals for two people (and husband usually has the 5th sausage cut in half at each meal, so he has one and a half and I have just the one.) I get these in Waitrose but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a Waitrose close by. I saute them with onions, then add leeks, some celery, and a sweet apple cored and sliced (you don’t need to peel it), and a small bottle of cider, some veggie stock cubes, and some dried sage, and cook for about an hour, then thicken with just a little slaked cornflower, return to the oven for 20 minutes and then serve with either mashed potatoes or new potatoes and a green veg. Lovely!
    Have a good weekend,
    Margaret P

  2. Another soup fan here, especially since I got my Morphy Richards soup maker a couple of years ago. I have the New Covent Garden Soup Book (£5 in Smith’s) and adapt the recipes for the soup maker. My faves are any spicy Sweet potato and butternut squash ones, celery, and one from another book that’s swede flavoured with a pinch of nutmeg. I often stir in a couple of spoonfuls of Aldi low fat soft cheese to make it extra creamy. Just the job for cold, wet days. I also have a Systema soup mug, and also one very similar from Poundland. I’m not a fan of all Quorn sausages but I love the frozen Lincolnshire style ones I buy in Aldi at £1.49 for an 8 pack. I like them sandwiched between rye crispbreads spread with a low fat cheese triangle (again from Aldi) which I then have with a big mug of my homemade soup. Healthy and filling. Yum. Must get my soup maker out again later, I only have a small mug of leek and potato left in the fridge.

  3. Cauldron vegetarian sausages (Cumberland or Lincoln varieties) are MUCH nicer than Quorn. I get them from Sainsburys. They’re usually for £2.25 for 6, but they’re often on sale for £2, so I buy them then and freeze them. 🙂
    I use them in Jack Monroe’s recipe here

    The only change I make is I’m using up extremely old brandy and sherry (rescued from my mother in law’s house after her recent passing!) instead of the bitter, which I’ve found gives a much richer and nicer depth of flavour!
    Served with mashed potatoes and runner beans it’s my current winter warmer favourite!

  4. Yes to soup! We generally leave soup chunky in U.S. where I see most soups pureed. I’d like both ways. Now I have a craving for sweet potatoes. I have some pork brats that need using up in the freezer and I’ll take your idea.

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