Soup Kitchen: soup for free!

chuck it in soupAs I type this I am enjoying a large bowl of delicious vegetable soup. As regular readers will know, I save and freeze all of the leftover bits of mashed potato, broccoli, peas, carrots, chicken carcasses, gravy, even meat (although that isn’t often left over) and when I have enough I chop up a couple of onions and maybe a head of celery, and throw it all in the pot. So, it is almost free, as I am using what most people would throw in the bin! I have never had a failure – just use a decent stock and plenty of seasoning and you can’t go wrong.

Usually I make stock first from a couple of frozen chicken carcasses, but this time I used ham stock that I saved a while ago and also a large bag of last year’s frozen courgettes. We had so many I am still using them as the next lot are arriving!

Bits and pieces of leftover veggies don't go to waste

Bits and pieces of leftover veggies don’t go to waste

I had a productive day yesterday as I had the afternoon off to wait in for Talk Talk to come and sort out my internet connection, which has been wobbly to say the least. I made the most of it and got most of the cleaning done as well as making all those phone calls to various organisations that I am usually forced to try to do in my lunch hour. Oh, to work a four day week….it is sadly not going to happen any time soon.

I am being forced to cook as plainly as possible for my fussy student. He ate a dry looking bit of turkey and some new potatoes for last night’s dinner, while the rest of us enjoyed our meat with some red wine and tomato sauce, green beans from the garden and broccoli. I know which I preferred!! He seems to exist mainly on crisps :).