Sometimes you just need a break

We had intended to continue with the decorating yesterday but neither of us could face another day of it. The house was covered with dust and grime, there was laundry everywhere that I couldn’t get outside to dry because of the wet weather and the general cleaning hadn’t been done either. We decided to start afresh next weekend.

Instead I spent the morning giving the place a quick going over and organising myself for the coming week. I feel so much better when I am in control and on top of things!

We took a drive to Brightlingsea in the afternoon and had a walk. It was very windy and certainly blew the cobwebs and decorating dust away. Sometimes the simplest things can make a difference and we felt much better for some fresh air and a change of scenery.

I have bought very little of anything

Getting blown away in Brightlingsea!

Getting blown away in Brightlingsea!

this month, although I have spent quite a lot of money on paint! About £100 I reckon but that’s not much to spend to decorate a room. I am currently saving my pennies towards a carpet to complete the job.

If you have any advice on the best place to get a bargain throw it my way :-).

0 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a break

  1. Sophie Cussen

    I feel for you. We’re just in the middle of decorating our spare bedroom and even though it should be a fairly simple affair I’m already feeling annoyed by the mess and clutter it’s creating in other rooms!!! Still, on the plus side, it’ll look great when it’s done.
    Pain is so expensive so I don’t think £100 is that bad either. It’s a fine act of buying the biggest pot you can to save on expense versus the amount of paint left over that you’ll never use again and will take up space better used for something else 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Pop a wanted ad on your local freegle to see if anyone has any carpet left over.
    End of roll carpets are always being offered on my local one 🙂
    Failing that visit cheap carpet warehouses for end of line carpets that are discounted.

  3. AuntLeesie

    Yes, sometimes we just need a break. You’ve accomplished a LOT already, and will continue to… I’m finding it’s important to give myself permission for an afternoon’s “holiday” from all the stuff that clutters my mind. Great idea for the carpet, by the way. 🙂