So how much does it cost to boil your kettle?

Thanks to my new plug in electricity monitor, I know that it costs me 3p to boil half a kettle. It also costs me 22p to run the dishwasher and 18p to run the washing machine. They are both energy efficient and fairly new, but this did surprise me. I thought they would be more expensive to operate.

The dehumidifier costs 10p an hour…if I run it for 4  hours a day that’s not too horrendous. only £2.80 a week. The electric plug in heater is 8p an hour, which again wouldn’t be too terrible but at this time of the year it is on for 12 hours a day so it soons adds up – that adds another almost £27 to the monthly bill. This has focussed our attention. DD1 used to leave it on all night and all day but now it is on a timer so it doesn’t matter if she forgets to turn it off.

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The Worst Utility Company on the Planet, First Utility, continue to bug me even though I offically stopped being their customer on 24th November. Today they sent me a final bill charging me for the whole of December! I am no longer being polite. I emailed them to say they had already won the award for the most incompetent company ever so they could stop trying now!! I did get a swift response (which is unusual in itself) apologising and promising to send a new, revised final bill which, with any luck, will mean that they owe me money. Honestly! How do they stay in business??

My nice new shiny and helpful energy company, Good Energy, have promised to come and check the meter to make sure it isn’t faulty and have offered to help my monitor my energy usage as well.  I chose them not because they were the cheapest but because they were rated top for customer service. They also produce 100% of their electricity from renewable sources, so they are good for the environment too. So far so Good Energy :).

Does anyone else monitor their electricity use this closely? How do you keep your bills down?

6 thoughts on “So how much does it cost to boil your kettle?

  1. Jane, which plug-in monitor did you get? There are so many on the market I get flummoxed! How did you figure out exactly how much it cost you each time you used one of your appliances? I’m easily intimidated by new gadgets sometimes, but I know this would be really helpful to have so it could help me identity ways I could cut back

  2. Not as closely as you – but I do read our gas, electricity & water meters at the end of each month and keep a spreadsheet of usage so I can compare it with the same month in previous years.

  3. My immersion heater broke last May and In trying to remove it I damaged the tank. As yet I have not managed to save up to fix it, as there is just me I have been managing by boiling kettles and using the shower at the swimming pool. However I have just found my electricity bill has effectively decreased from £1700 to £1000 per year. I only had it on for an hour a day and estimates say an immersion usually costs £200 per year to run so amazed! But at least I can use that £700 to sort out getting some hot water back.

  4. Jane, I definitely do not monitor my electricity, and we live in an area where our electricity is cheaper than we have had elsewhere. We do shut off lights when we leave the room and shut down our equipment when finished. So I try to be somewhat conservative.

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