Small victories!

Another small victory for my bank balance – the cats love the cheap Lidl biscuits I bought! They are only £1.99 and I pay around £4 for the usual brand. Still being cautious and I won’t stock up too much just yet.  As Ilona commented on my last post, cats are fickle beasts so I won’t be at all surprised if they turn their noses up at some point.

I have two more ladies coming to view the spare room this week. I have made sure they have my number and asked them to text if they can’t make it after I waited in all afternooon for the last one. If I can get someone in before Christmas that will be a great help to the budget. We are all a little nervous about it though. We regularly have short term students but this is a different prospect. If we don’t get on they won’t be leaving after a couple of weeks! 

What if they both want the room – how on earth do I choose? On the other hand neither of them might like it, but at least I am getting a bit of interest.

As I type this, another email has popped into my inbox about the room. Fantastic 😀.

I have been tidying up still and making space in the kitchen cupboards for the lodger to store her stuff. I lined the rather tatty shelves with some nice plastic and they look much smarter. I need to clean out all the kitchen cupboards before I let anyone cook in there! 

There is always so much to do but I am trying to be as organised as possible and keeping the house super tidy so I can get people in seeing it at its best. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Small victories!

  1. Lodgers basically have no rights ar all in Scotland, I could ask them to leave tomorrow and police would chuck them out if I asked!. No never have as have vetted everyone !. All have police check able jobs!.
    I appreciate England is different, but everything I have read as long as you do not create a tenancy I’d lock on door!. Get lodger to sign lodger agreement form from WHS you too are safe!.

    • Thanks – yes I will be getting them to sign an agreement and taking up references. I had a look on which was useful. There won’t be a lock on the door

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