Small victories 😀

Time to sort out the patio pots

I had a great eBay day on Thursday. I made three sales but one of them was for £120! If only I could do one of those a week I would be sorted. I hope to sell some more as it’s a double bank holiday weekend and the weather is a bit rubbish. I intend to hit the boot sale on bank holiday Monday to see what other treasures I can search out to resell. You can read about my eBay experiences here and here.

We also managed to book a holiday to celebrate Mr S’s big 5-0 this year (don’t tell him I told you!). We have been searching for a good deal for ages and we finally found one. It pays to shop around. Oddly, the all inclusive price was cheaper than the bed and breakfast option so we went for that. Majorca, here we come!

I have never done an all inclusive resort type vacation before. It will be an experience, I’m sure. Mr S loves a bit of sunshine. We used Teletext Holidays, which was weird as I didn’t know they existed. They seem to have some good offers.

Campanula for the old sink complete with sticks and logs to keep the cats off

We have been cracking on with the gardening, spending at least 3 or 4 hours out there each weekend to keep on top of it all. I have said it before – too much garden, too little time! I love it though. I get so absorbed in what I am doing that I forget about anything else. It is so good for a person’s mental and physical health.

I sowed some pumpkin seeds yesterday. The courgettes and tomatoes are coming up in the greenhouse, as well as hundreds of little seedlings in what we hope will be our new wildflower area. I sorted out some of the pots on the patio and Mr S did loads of cutting back and weeding.  We are planning to do a bit more as it’s a long weekend. 

So, small victories! What about you?

7 thoughts on “Small victories 😀

  1. Yes, spending time in the garden is lovely. Unfortunately, with arthritis, I find gardening very difficult now and my personal gardening consists of dead heading flowers and planting the pots in autumn with bulbs and then removing the bulbs at the end of their spring flowering and planting up with such plants as cosmos (which we love) and heliotrope, a favourite of mine – wonderful vanilla scent, deep purple blooms and gorgeous green, veined leaves. The look lovely in our deep blue pots – the pots were bought years ago when deep blue was in vogue. I’d not buy them today, but they are too good simply to dump at the tip and with the right flowers in them, look OK. But being a deep blue, few flowers look good in them. The actually look best with hostas in them, the lime green of the hostas being a lovely contrast with the deep blue of the ceramic, but we have put the hostas in black pots (equally stunning) at the back of the garden, in the shade, and will now fill the blue pots with white cosmos (provided I can find white ones, they’re always difficult to find.
    Speaking of cosmos and other bedding plants, I do wish garden centres wouldn’t put of trays of mixed colours. I want to choose my colours, I don’t like the ‘Smartie’ effect in my garden. I want pink and I want white. Yes, I’m a fussy beggar!
    PS Husband does the bulk of the gardening, all the grass mowing, all the strimming, all the weeding, but I do sweep the paths (well, sometimes!)
    Happy Easter and I hope you do well at the boot sales and on eBay!
    Margaret P

  2. We have a fair sized garden and I do nothing apart from occasionally dead heading a rose or two. When we looked at the house twenty years ago I said that the garden was too big but my husband thought not (he is now 71 and thinks differently)! I don’t enjoy gardening and so apart from putting a few bulbs into pots it was agreed that he would deal with it. It has been made as low maintenance as possible apart from a small vegetable plot which keeps us supplied with leeks, spring onions, runner beans, radish, rhubarb and tomatoes. I agree that gardening is a healthy hobby but it’s not for me!
    With regard to small victories, along with small pleasures, they are what day to day life is all about.

  3. The plants are so colorful and pretty. I can’t wait to get some in the ground. Enjoy your sunshine; it would be perfectly spring here in New Jersey if it ever stopped threatening to rain and the sun would come out and stay out. Then I can get some plants in without worrying that they will drown.

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