Slugs and Lettuces

It’s so nice to eat food you have grown in the garden! Today I have a salad of mixed leaves for my lunch. Sadly the tomatoes are shop bought as mine are still green. The courgettes are looking promising, with tiny courgettes appearing. They will soon be huge and ready to eat.

imageIt is a battle with slugs and snails this year though. I have never know them to attack so many different plants. They seemed to be eating a lot of flowers earlier in the season. Now even the potato tops have been got at. I have never seen that before. I like to grow my veg organically, but it is pretty soul destroying when the slugs shred all your produce, and this year we have given into a few slug pellets. I did find some organic ones last year but haven’t been able to locate them this year. I will take a drive to B&Q as I think they do them. I have tried the slug beer traps but it makes barely a dent in the population.

I wish I had the time and space to grow more fruit and veg but have a decent sized plot so I am lucky. What are you growing this year?