Slimming my waistline as well as my budget!

imageI am managing to stretch this week’s groceries by eating less meat and using things up. It also helps that we  are eating two meals out this week. LAst night we were  invited for dinner at my daughter’s new house. I wonder how long it will be before I have to return the favour because she is running out of food and groceries! I did bring back three bags of her laundry as she has no washing machine yet.

Tonight we are at my mum’s. This is always a treat as she is an excellent frugal cook and source of inspiration to me. Even now they are all young adults my daughters still get excited about going for a ‘nanny dinner’!

So this week my Aldi shop will be small and hopefully very cheap.

Now that darling daughter has departed we are planning to turn her room into a gym/yoga room. This is brilliant as I can’t afford a gym membership and feel really unfit at the moment. There was a time when I would be at the gym three times a week, at my martial arts once a week and doing yoga pretty much every day. I won’t have the time to be that full on but I can certainly make some improvements.

We already had a cross trainer stored away and now a friend has offered me a stepper for a tenner! Perfect.

So no more excuses. I’m slimming down my waistline as well as my bills!!

One thought on “Slimming my waistline as well as my budget!

  1. Jane, sounds like you have all the right equipment to get started on your weight loss. I love to walk, at a quick pace, but I’m not much for all the other stuff. Sometimes I carry weights to help with strength.

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