Shopping for a hobby?

I had to pop to town to pick up my new glasses yesterday. It was really busy. Lots of people apparently shopping for a hobby, it seemed.

I do not shop for fun. I used to! I remember I would tell myself I was ‘just window shopping’ and before I knew it I had spent £50 on clothes I didn’t need, books I might not get round to reading or expensive glossy magazines. These are a killer for the money saver. They give you a vision of a impossibly perfect lifestyle. Your life will be complete if you spend money on the right home decor, clothes, beauty products, right? Actually no. They are one of the first things I knocked on the head when I decided to get my financial act together.

Shopping for a hobby is an expensive pastime

Anyway, I digress…these days many people shop for a hobby. They park, they shop, they coffee, they lunch – it can be a very expensive pastime. I sometimes fancy a spree but I rarely indulge as I don’t enjoy the shopping hangover: the dent in my bank balance, the strain on the credit cards and the worry about how to pay it all back.

My idea of shopping heaven is a £10 note and a couple of hours at a boot sale on a sunny morning. I get more of a thrill from spending a pound buying a top second-hand than I would have if I had bought it new for £20 😄. I can get a couple of books I fancy, a DVD and some CDs for the car for the price of a fancy coffee in town.

Use your library

Instead of buying lots of books to clog up my house I can borrow them from the library. If there is a book I would like to keep I can get it used – the internet makes it possible to locate practically anything second hand.

If I want furniture you won’t find me hanging round a fancy showroom; I will be in the local charity shop or looking on Gumtree or eBay.

Shopping isn’t a hobby if you are trying to save money. How about hiking? Walking is free! If you don’t fancy that you can download exercise classes of any description online for nothing. How about yoga? All you need is a good book (from the library) on the subject and a non-slip mat. You can learn almost anything on You Tube so the possibilities for finding a new hobby (knitting, crochet, painting, woodwork?) are endless. Just don’t take up something that involves you buying lots of fancy equipment before you begin!

Are you into shopping for a hobby?

10 thoughts on “Shopping for a hobby?

  1. I’m exactly the same. Hours spent trudging around the shops leaves me both mentally and physically exhausted. Yet get me up on the fells doing a long walk and I’m fine.
    Your outlook and attitude are fantastic. X

  2. I too shopped as a hobby and loved it. It is one of the things I really miss but just occasionally I find that there is a jumble sale on in one of the handful of places that have really good ones. I thoroughly enjoy a good jumble! £5 buys lots of items when they are only 25p each and when I get home and have a better look, I invariably find that at least four or five items are really worth having. The rest go in the charity bag or are used to make dusters/cleaning cloths. My best ever buy – a Jaeger suit which proved great for work.

  3. I was born to a woman whose favorite tee was emblazoned with the words, “Shop Till You Drop,” and yes, it was a play on words as well as a salute to unfettered consumerism. I, however, don’t. I would much rather do other things and have money in the bank.

  4. Shopping to me is just a chore, be it for food or clothes. Building in some kind of challenge eg find best value, seasonal veg on offer this week (rather than stick rigidly to a meal plan) helps relieve the repetitive tedium to some degree! However, I hate clothes shopping as anything I like looks hideous on me so I revert to what I feel comfortable in but always feel a bit let down and fed up!
    I don’t cut my own hair but have let it grow so thatI can put it up out of the way every day. Twice a year I have it cut at the hairdressers, either a very reasonably priced dry cut or pricier shampoo first. I used to have it cut every 5 weeks so have saved a huge amount over the last few years.
    Have a good week, Vicki.

  5. Another one for whom shopping is a chore and done as rarely as possible! And even then I go with a list of what I need and head straight to the shops I need, looking neither right nor left along the way!
    Once in the shop I head straight to when area I need, pay and get out again!
    I don’t even like coffee so no temptations there either! 😀

    Now TfL have introduced their Hopper fare there’s even more incentive for me to get done and back on the bus within the hour to save me a £1.50 fare! 😀 😀

  6. You are right. Shopping is NOT a hobby but, sadly, with the advent of shopping malls (another daft idea from across the pond) it has become thus for many people. We shop when we need things, and I say “need”. Even when we recently visited the Quay Antique Centre (sic – they don’t add an s to the Antique, so they only have one antique, har, har!) in Topsham, we went with a view to buying some cut glass tumblers and we found some, too. I did weaken and buy an ornament, not my usual behaviour, but it ‘goes’ with another I have, and it wasn’t expensive, well within my budget, so we were happy. But I don’t even go browsing in charity shops unless I ‘need’ something, and more often than not, I’m giving things to them rather than buying. I buy books cheaply on Amazon, often for a penny-plus-postage, and I pass on those I no longer need. This is actually cheaper than visiting the library, sad though it is to say this, which means a trip into town, parking (which is expensive) and the inconvenience of often having to order a book which takes longer than Amazon to arrive.

  7. I used to love clothes shopping, especially in the sales, (yes, I did once queue outside Next from 3am for their sale!) Now I am so used to buying from charity shops that the prices in ‘normal shops’ seem an outrageous rip-off. I have also become a library-convert in recent months and am amazed that my local little library stocks current issues of some of my fave magazines (in-house reading). I only wish that my library was open over weekends.
    I must say though that I have been volunteering in a charity shop since last summer and I am constantly amazed by (and grateful for) the generosity of the people who donate.

  8. I used to love shopping. I’m getting to the stage where I can’t abide it! Food shopping is just about bearable. I don’t think it’s 100% the shopping I dislike, more of a dislike of crowds of people – and some of them loud, rude and just horrible!

    • Yes, I also hate crowds. But I find food shopping really dull. I get in and out as fast as possible!

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