Shopping around

Lots of money saving going on at Shoestring Cottage!

So, I sorted out the energy supplier a couple of days ago and today I decided to look for a good deal on my house insurance. Honestly – never accept the quote you get from your current insurers. They appear to think that once they have pulled you in with a good deal the first year they can hike the price up by 30% and you won’t notice. Well this savvy shopper did notice!

I had a look at a couple of comparison sites and found buildings and contents with accidental damage cover for less than half what I had been quoted. (As an aside, having worked in insurance claims, I would always get accidental damage cover. It seems to be the most common type of claim yet many folk don’t bother with it.) That’s a heck of a saving!

imageI also put in a bid on a small roman blind for the downstairs hall and won it for 1p! Ok, the postage was steep at £8 but it is a nice quality John Lewis one so I decided it was worth a bid of a few pounds. I didn’t think I would get it that cheaply.

I was very happy with this. Not so happy with last night’s dinner. I picked up two herrings  reduced to half price in Asda recently and decided to eat them. I have only tasted them pickled and I had never cooked them. I was alarmed to find they weren’t boned, but got my trusty Delia book out and followed the instructions, then baked them very simply in a bit of butter and some herbs. I served them with some leeks, courgettes and mushrooms stewed in a little butter and some mini roasties. Thank goodness for the veg as the herrings were still full of bones and not the tastiest fish I have tried. Still, they were full of lots of healthy omega 3s!