Shoplifters, Culture and a Funny Little Cat

Last time I blogged I was wondering how we would spend what looked like being a very wet Sunday. We did manage to get out for a couple of hours after all, as the rain cleared and the sun even shone for a bit. We took a trip to a village called Dedham on the Essex /Suffolk border, a pretty little place with some nice pubs and an interesting craft centre. We took a picnic and flask as usual and resisted buying any of the lovely things in the craft centre, although I took a few photos as I spotted the exact colour scheme I would like in the kitchen when we can afford to redecorate. I even have a little dresser to paint so hopefully it will look something like this when it is done.


imageWe were surprised to find the charity shop open, so had to go in. It is a very expensive shop though – the clothes were as expensive as new ones. I don’t think I saw anything less than £20! It is a very affluent place so I guess someone is prepared to pay £30 for a secondhand skirt from Next. Not me though, although I did buy a book for £1 which seemed more like an acceptable price.

As we went in one of the assistants seemed to be blocking the door, which was odd. After a few minutes we heard the manager declaring that she was sorry but she had called the police and no, an apology was not acceptable. It seems they had spotted a shoplifter and were blocking the door to stop her leaving until the police arrived ! The thief looked rather teary and embarrassed but didn’t try to escape and stood there meekly. The manager said she had caught her on CCTV and she suspected she had been in before and taken items. It was all a bit awkward, so we paid for our book and left. We saw the police arrive a few minutes later.

I thought the staff were incredibly plucky. I should think they are all volunteers, but they weren’t prepared to accept this woman’s behaviour. Good for them! Fancy stealing from a charity shop!

Dedham is in the heart of ‘Constable country’, and the artist John Constable went to school in the village. Alfred Munnings also lived there, and there is a museum dedicated to his work, although it was closed when we went. We did visit the church, which has an original John Constable painting hanging in it and some beautiful stained glass windows.

We were shattered when we got back, and flopped in front of the TV watching Gardener’s World on catch up. I was surprised to find the cat was a fan!


3 thoughts on “Shoplifters, Culture and a Funny Little Cat

  1. I worked in Help the Aged in a Town known for its large drug problem. the stock was not expensive but atracted shop lifters. I once had my 75yr old co-volunter chase one out of the shop.. silly but it does annoy. I get more angry at the people who buy from the thieves when they go in the pub or knock door to door.

  2. My son volunteers in a charity shop and they are plagued with shoplifters. The charity’s policy is not to prosecute and volunteers are told to not challenge them.

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