The SHOMO Awards and a busy weekend

SHOMO Awards

Zoe, Emma and Andy at the SHOMO Awards

I have had such a busy week, my feet have hardly touched the ground! This is mainly because I was out all weekend at the SHOMO awards and spent Sunday in Brighton. Since then if I haven’t been at work I have been decorating. I haven’t had the chance to catch up with myself. I need to, as my new lodger arrives on Sunday and the house is a bit chaotic.

I’m not exactly a control freak, but I don’t respond well to chaos!. will be working flat out on Saturday to reclaim some order.

The SHOMO Awards

I attended the SHOMO Awards (UK Money Bloggers annual conference and awards ceremony) on Saturday. It was full on and extremely interesting. I had the chance to attend a couple of most informative workshops; one on Pinterest and the other on self-publishing. Pinterest fascinates me, but is also a bit of a mystery. I learned a lot from both sessions.

I met some bloggers whose sites I have followed for a while, which was lovely. It is a real community, with everyone so willing to give help and advice when you ask for it.

Shoestring Cottage was nominated for two awards: the Best Thrift and Frugal Blog and the People’s Choice award. I didn’t win either but I never really expected to. It was great just to be there. I met Zoe from Eco Thrifty, who won the Thrift and Frugal category. I love her blog and its whole ethos. She follows her eco principles and bought her own coffee mug. I wish I had thought to do that. Her blog is great, so go over and have a look if you don’t know it.

Skint Dad won the People’s Choice. I wasn’t surprised about this as he has a huge following. His blog is packed with good money saving ideas.

If you want to see all of the nominees and winners, head over to the UK Money Bloggers site. The event was brilliantly organised by Andy Webb from Be Clever with your Cash. He even managed to win a few accolades himself and very well deserved they were too.

I have picked up so many ideas for improving my blog – if I could just find the time!

An empty nest

Room with a view

Daughter number three flew the nest on Sunday and went off to Brighton university. I took her down there and helped her to settle in. She has a lovely room and the campus is very nice. It is, however, next to the football ground. They had a big match on so the traffic was terrible. Hopefully, it won’t always be that bad.

We had just picked up her key and been on campus for three minutes, when she managed to fall down some steps and damage her ankle! Not the kind of trip I envisaged.  I thought she had broken it at first, but she rallied. By the time I left it had swollen up and yesterday she sent me a photo of its vivid blue and purple hues. She hadn’t even started the student fresher’s week events and she has a sprained ankle already!

6 thoughts on “The SHOMO Awards and a busy weekend

  1. Well, you mightn’t have won an award but you’re a winner in my eyes and in those of your loyal readers, Jane! I might’t be particularly frugal all the time, but I do make an effort, which is all we can hope to do. You certainly had a busy weekend, and like you, I’m not a control freak but I dislike chaos, and we have guests coming to stay on Monday for a week and so I need to be on top of things and right now I’m not! Panic not quite setting in but I’m on my marks if not at the set position!
    Oh, your poor daughter, falling and hurting her ankle on her arrival at Uni!
    Margaret P

  2. I agree with Margaret, you are a great blogger, I look forward to reading your posts, always informative and interesting.
    Five stars from me.
    Pam in Texas.xx

  3. I agree with Margaret Powling. Anyone who can find the time and dedication to write a blog is a winner in my eyes!
    Sorry to hear about your daughter’s painful start to uni life. Hope the rest of it is more enjoyable.
    Took number 3 off to start his uni experience a couple of weeks ago and haven’t heard from him since, so I guess he’s too busy enjoying himself!
    Now we turn our attention to number 4 to get her applications in for next year! It wasn’t planned that we’d have 4 children starting uni in consecutive years, but that’s how it’s panned out! Looks like number 5 has broken the pattern for starting in 2019 though, so maybe we can have a bit of a breather!

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