Good news and bad: SHOMO Awards and bye bye lodger

We are back in Essex after our wonderful week in Wales. I was really pleased to hear that our hosts, Tom and Liza, had received some emails from readers of this blog expressing an interest in staying there. It is the most peaceful place ever! If you are interested in an eco friendly break in a beautiful location (at a very good price), more information is available here. We hope to return next year.

We packed a lot in, whilst leaving lots of time for reading books and resting. Highlights were walking the coastal path at Aberdovey, The RSPB South Stack reserve at Holyhead, a stopover in Bridgenorth and some fantastic charity shop bargain hunting. What a lovely week we had.

Bad news: the lodger is leaving

As well as many, many courgettes, cucumbers and runner beans, we came back to some sad news. Our lodger has a new job and will be relocating. She has been a great lodger and is now good friends with my daughters, so we shall really miss her.  As they all socialise I expect we will still see her from time to time.

This is not good news for the bank balance as we rely on the income. We hope to get a replacement in as soon as possible. I will be getting the advert back up on this week.

Great news: I am a SHOMO awards finalist!

Whilst I was away I learned that my blog has made the shortlist for the SHOMO Awards best frugal and thrift blog. I am really pleased! The SHOMO Awards celebrate and recognise the best UK money blogs. In my category I am up against such exalted company as Frugal Queen (my heroine), my friend Faith Archer with her beautiful Much More With Less blog, Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family (fab recipes and brilliant money saving ideas), Zoe at Ecothrifty, which I love – right up my street, and the amazing Emma Drew – originally of From Aldi to Harrods fame. I love her You Tube videos.

I can’t wait to meet all of them at the awards ceremony in London at the end of September. In the meantime, there is also a People’s Choice award, where you can vote for any of the 70 blogs nominated from 1st August.  I will remind you when this opens .

All of the categories and nominees can be found here.

Staying chilled

I need to keep my post holiday sense of relaxation going. No yoga on the grass in the Welsh countryside, but I will open the window wide and get my mat out in the lounge.

Still – I have a lot to do! I need to do a little shopping for the week, lots of laundry, list some of my charity shop bargains on eBay and perhaps do a little gardening. Luckily darling daughter has left the house clean and tidy so I don’t need to worry about that.

I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. Back soon with some post holiday money saving ideas.


12 thoughts on “Good news and bad: SHOMO Awards and bye bye lodger

  1. Yes, congratulations, Jane! Well done, you!
    Re replacing your lodger, are you anywhere near any language schools? They pay quite decent money to home students? Of course, you mightn’t want a student in your home, but a long-term lodger as you had before, but in the short-term it would bring you in some income. Just a thought.
    Margaret P

    • Hi Margaret, been there and done that over many years. Unfortunately the income is too sporadic so we will aim for a lodger if possible

  2. Over 5 years I have only ever had good lodgers!. Present Aussie lodger has been here a year and will stay until April until her work visa runs out.
    Guess secret is vetting people, I only ever accept people in jobs that they have been security screened, NHS,police,banks,government.etc.
    End game is close only 6 weeks until mortgage paid!.
    Charge my lodgers £500 no bills supply loo roll, hand soap cleaning stuff. I am prob cheap for Edinburgh but can pick and choose who lives here.
    What do you charge and supply?

    • That’s so exciting! I offer the same but it’s a single room so only charge £400. It makes a huge difference to our finances. Hope we find someone nice again

      • I,m sure you will!. First lodger is a bit of a daunting thought. After that it gets so much easier, lodgers now enhance my life. Enjoy having them.

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