Shoestring Soup Making Factory

From this...

From this… this!

…to this!

I am working the late shift this week, 11.45 til 8, but I don’t mind as it gives me a few hours to get things done before I set off.  So this morning I chopped up the pumpkin that I had been ignoring on the  work surface for a week to make a batch of soup for the freezer. I came to work smelling of onions, but what the heck? I have lots of cheap and healthy lunches for the weeks ahead. I left it cooling, so when I get home I can  pot it up into my old butter and yogurt containers. The recipe is below if you fancy it. Today I didn’t bother with the spices as I was in a rush but it turned out super smooth, velvety and delicious.

One pumpkin made 17 good portions!

One pumpkin made 17 good portions!

 So, one small thing I have done to be frugal today, although I have also done a long day and worked two hours overtime. Every little helps at this time of the year! Now I need no unexpected expenses for the next few months so that I can get my finances on track for the new year!!!