Shoestring cottage, the youth hostel

I realise that my blogging is getting a bit sporadic at the moment. Just a crazy busy time at home and work at the moment – even worse than usual!

As well as our paying student, a 16 year old Spanish boy who is really lovely, one of the students we hosted back in March has returned for a visit. This time she is here as a friend as she became best buddies with DD3, bonding over their mutual love for One Direction and Harry Potter. She was an absolute delight as a house guest so we are all pleased to see her back. I am hoping DD3 will pluck up the confidence to pay her a return visit to Italy some time.

We have had the plumber visit twice this week as well. The first time to sort the leak I blogged about before. Then he popped back to repair the shower – the mixer won’t work which means you either get a blast of scalding water or an icy shock! We may be able to find a replacement widget but if we can’t it will have to be a whole new shower 🙁

Despite convincing herself that she had failed all of her GCSEs, DD3 was pleasantly surprised to discover that she is actually really clever, managing 11 As and Bs. My budget didn’t run to a fancy meal out, so we celebrated with a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of Cava, which was great!

Anyone else been waiting on exam results?

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  1. As I’m in the U.S., I’m not sure what GCSEs are, but congratulations to DD3!! Glad also for the nice Spanish student, and that your former student boarder is there for a visit. 🙂 You’ve been busy in a good way. Well… other than the shower. Crossing fingers and toes it can be repaired, rather than replaced.

  2. In the US, a 16 year old would be a high school sophomore or junior with 1-2 years remaining before graduation. Prior to graduating high school (usually in their junior year) students take SATs and/or ACTs; those scores are used when colleges they apply to decide whether to accept or reject them. Most 4 year colleges and universities go by high school grades + SAT/ACT scores + any sports, music or other programs the student was involved in, etc. High school graduation age here is generally 18, depending on the child’s birth month.

  3. Having just returned from living in the USA I can confirm that GCSEs are indeed the UK equivalent to a High School Diploma! My kids are having to take further qualifications before they can apply to University because their diplomas are only regarded as GCSE equivalent in those subjects that were studied in all 4 high school years!

    Well done to your DD!!

    • Aunt Leesie, at 16 they can either head to a 6th form college (junior college equivalent) or stay on at school (if their school has a 6th form attached – not all do) for another 2 years to get the higher qualifications (A Levels among others) needed for University. They usually start uni at 18.

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