She Passed! Now the Fun Begins

Darling daughter no 1 finally passed her driving test last week after a couple of attempts. She was absolutely thrilled at the independence this will give her.

Tearing-up-L-platesShe already has her car. Her great aunt gave it to her before she went into a home. It is nothing special, but it is small, cheap to run and so far reliable. Her shock came with the cost of the insurance. She shopped around and got what appears to be a decent deal, but it cost £1500!! Such a lot to pay. I have told her she will also need to budget for petrol, car tax, the MOT and any unexpected repair costs. She has nodded in agreement throughout, but whether she will actually take my advice remains to be seen. Something will have to give to enable her to run her car, and it won’t be my housekeeping….

I remember passing my own test, a  million years ago. I ran round the house singing the Grandstand theme (you probably have to be a certain age to know that) and thought I was finally all grown up 🙂 However, I didn’t have to face the crippling costs that youngsters look at today – insurance and petrol were much cheaper and my lovely Dad sorted out my MOT.

She has barely been in the house since she passed, and even went and did the Aldi shop for me the other night as I wasn’t feeling great. So there will be benefits for me: my very own gofer and a bit of peace and quiet at home (until the novelty wears off anyway!).

6 thoughts on “She Passed! Now the Fun Begins

  1. My daughter passed last week too, she’s bought a car herself as has worked her gap year. Good job as I couldn’t afford to help. Insurance was nearly £200 cheaper by adding me as a named driver on her policy. Hoping I’ll notice savings by not being Mum’s Taxi any more!

  2. I vividly remember many years ago when my son passed the first time he tried. I had been praying he wouldn’t he’d been praying he would, and his prayers won! I was so nervous about having him on the road facing all that traffic. But many years later I have to admit since he has had not so much as a parking ticket, he really is a good driver! and it was great that he could get himself to his afterschool work without my having to figure out how to be free to get him there and back.

  3. It is a big load off your back to have the kids driving, so you don’t have to be the chauffeur anymore, but it adds a big load onto your mind when they go out into the driving world. I have been driving since I was 14, since I was a far kid. I drove my dad’s 2 ton truck to follow him to places where he was shelling corn out of the cribs on the farms. My big German Shepherd dog sat next to me! Funny to rememer.

  4. My eldest 2 passed their tests at school when they were 16 when we were living in the States, but since being back in the UK neither can afford it. They’re 19 & 20 now.

    I think it’s even worse when you’ve known that freedom, then have had it taken away again, though having observed London drivers over the past couple of years the 19 year old is in no particular hurry to get behind the wheel again!

      • Where we were it was part of the curriculum in the year in which you turned 16 (you got your provisional license at 15, by the way!) and it was almost a guarantee that you’d pass.
        It’s a non-walking culture out west because of the distances, and the extreme temperatures. No-one walked, even 5 minutes down the road – except me! 😀

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